BTRACK INDIA PRIVATED LIMITED (also referred to as “BTRACK,” “our,” “we” or “us”) provides cloud platform and services, including but not limited to dedicated servers, graphics processing units, storage, content delivery network service and continuous data protection backup service (“Services”), which can be availed through its website accessible at (the “Website”). This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes how we collect and use the Personal Information of users accessing the Website and/or customers availing the Services (“you”, “user”, “your” to be construed accordingly). Your use of the Services or your registration with us constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy. We may modify this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a revised version of the same at link at, on our Website, and the amended version shall become automatically binding on you if you continue to avail of the Services. The amended Privacy Policy will be applicable even if not accepted by you separately. You shall have the responsibility to review the Privacy Policy on a regular basis.  We urge you to read this Privacy Policy so that you understand our commitment to you,  If you have any questions, please contact us at


  1. SCOPE  to This Privacy Policy applies to Personal and other information (referred to as “Information”) collected by BTRACK for the purpose of providing the Services and making the Website available to (i) users of the Website;  and other third-parties that Btrack interacts with. By providing your Personal Information (defined below) to Btrack in the ways described in this Privacy Policy, you: • agree that you are authorized under applicable law to provide that Personal Information; • are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy and any supplementary privacy supplement we put up on the Website. We require your Personal Information to be able to provide you the Services or access to our Website, as the case may be. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not register, subscribe, create an account, or otherwise interact with our Services or the Website.
  2. INFORMATION COLLECTED a) Personal Information: This includes the contact information of customers and sub-users added to the Customer Account and accessing the Services, and such information includes the name, company name, job title, mobile numbers, postal addresses, email addresses, or other addresses at which communications are received by such customer, as the case may be, from or on behalf of Btrack (such information being referred to as “Contact Information”).  Information about the Services you use, and how you interact with us and the Services (for example through email, customer portal or phone). c) Billing Information: Btrack collects your billing information like customer name, GSTIN, PAN, address, bank details, TDS certificate etc. for the purpose of providing the Services. In order to purchase our Services, you are required to make payment for such Services. While making payment, we redirect you to our third party payment gateway and at such a third party payment gateway your billing details such as billing name and address, and a credit card number, including card security number and credit card date of expiration (“Billing Information”) may be collected by such third party payment gateway.  your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, and your activities on the Website (such as the web pages viewed and the links clicked, number of visits, access time, device ID or other unique identifier, domain name, screen views, language information, device name and model, and operating system type.
  3. USE OF YOUR INFORMATION  for providing you the Services that you have requested from us, as described below: a) To contact you for the services availed .Collecting this information is not essential for the maintenance or existence of the legal relationship we may have with you at a certain point. e) To enable third parties to provide services to us. We may need to provide your Required Contact Information to third parties so that they may carry out technical, logistical or other functions on our behalf. This disclosure of your Contact Information will be subject to the terms of Section 6 below. We also engage third-parties to provide us with reports about the usage and browsing patterns of the Website. Such third parties track and analyze such information with respect to visitors to the Website. f) We may also use your Personal Information in other ways as more particularly described in our Terms , NDA (as applicable) and the Company Policies (as defined in the Terms, NDA) between the customer and Btrack. Any Personal Information you provide when you sign up for the Services may be used by us as we describe in the Terms, NDA, as applicable, between us,
  4. DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION Except for the limited circumstances described in this Privacy Policy or the applicable Terms/NDA and/or the Company Policies, the Personal Information we gather is for internal use only and we will not authorize the release of this information to anyone outside of Btrack unless you have consented to such disclosure. When we need to provide your Personal Information to third parties, we will only share it to the extent reasonably necessary for providing the Services or improving the customer experience while availing the Services. We may also share your Personal Information as required or permitted by applicable law in the manner set out in the applicable Terms/NDA and as described below. 
  5. SECURITY OF YOUR INFORMATION  We are committed to best practices when it comes to preventing loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access, or unlawful or unnecessary processing of the Information we collect as described. For example, we: • (a) make use of encryption technology as required; • (b) use appropriate network access control technology to limit access to the systems on which Btrack collected Information is stored; and • (c) monitor for possible vulnerabilities and attacks on Btrack’s servers. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the technical, physical and organisational measures we take will prevent every security threat nor can we guarantee that your Information will not be improperly accessed, used, altered or destroyed. 
  6. DATA SECURITY Information we collect is relevant for the purposes,. Btrack takes reasonable steps to ensure that data is reliable for its intended use, accurate and complete. We will retain your Information for as long as reasonably needed to provide you the Services or to fulfil the purpose for which the Information was originally collected as set out in this Privacy Policy.
  7. CHILDREN The Website and the Services are not designed for or directed at individuals under the age of eighteen (18) or minors otherwise defined under local law or regulation. We will not intentionally collect or maintain information about these individuals. If you believe that we may have collected Personal Information from someone under the age of 18 or from a minor as may be otherwise defined in your country,
  8. VERIFICATION Btrack utilizes the self-assessment approach to assure its compliance with its Privacy Policy. Btrack regularly verifies that the Privacy Policy is accurate, comprehensive, prominently displayed, completely implemented and in conformity with applicable laws and regulations and conducts its self-assessment on an annual basis to ensure that all relevant privacy practices are being followed. Appropriate employee training is in place and internal procedures for periodically conducting objective reviews of compliance are in place.
  9. COMPLAINTS If you have a question, grievance or complaint about this Privacy Policy or our information collection practices, please contact our grievance officer as per the below mentioned details: Email id: Registered Office Address: BTRACK INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, 7th Floor, Sector- 48, Sohna Road, Gurgaon-122001. We will investigate the matter and are committed to resolve any privacy concerns that you may have. Btrack commits to resolve complaints about your privacy and its collection or use of your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and any applicable Indian laws.